Monday, July 13, 2009


Folklife festival was kind of

Not as good as usual, Dave and the Dalmatians, were excellent, I love that they don't repeat songs too much in a different set. Tracy Spring and members of the Spring/Snow family performed well, as did Ockhams Razor (sic)

What rreally irks me is that they are allowing more very comercial vendors like Scentsy, which is an MLM deal. I do think a line should be drawn on MLM type vendors! If they are at the Fair FINE! NOT FOLKLIFE!

I went to both Dave and the Dalmatians sets, at Burmaster's Bakery, which is really over-priced on food and drink, especially now for me, and which had few edible for me low cost items on the menu. To their credit, they didn't hassle me once I had eatten the over-priced little pizza and the bottle of Kalibur.

The festival won't be in Franklin Park next year, it's probably going to be at Ahtanum Youth Park, in Union Gap, or it will be in Dwontown Yakima.

I could live without the over-priced downtown venues, I will miss out on the festival entirely if it's at Ahtanum Youth Park. If they want t6o be so far flung, they should consider a festival where you could stay overnight Friday, and Saturday which would perhaps permit alchol to those who want it.

Or perhaps another nice all ages venue, with no alchol, they should talk to YVCC! That would be wonderful for all concerned I think!

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