Friday, July 10, 2009


Computers again....

I have been having a computer problem which co:incided with my move. The computer is just old and needs the attention of someone who is better equiped. So it goes...

Anyway I am doing stuff at the library and how these machines work is not my greatest pleasure. 1. I really hate the privacy screens, it makes them harder to read, and 2. I can be stuck waiting my turn if I go downtown, or risk being stuck WAY up town if I go to the Summitview Library. I really miss the cheap and plentiful internet cafes and clubs in Sarajevo! I mean damn near every corner has one or two! I miss Club BIT, I miss Easynet and Click big-time! All were cheap, staffed with helpful people and good machines. All had decent air conditioning too.

God I miss them all!

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