Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Because it shouldn't be buried

I was out getting ready to be examined, but it needs to be remarked on...

From Daniel:

Two Serb war criminals received Life Sentence and 30 years imprisonment for burning Bosniak women and children alive. Unfortunately, the Prosecution made mistake and failed to include rape charges against them.

Milan Lukic and Sredoje Lukic are from Rujiste village, located near the border with Srebrenica municipality.

Please write a word or two about these monsters on your blog. Thank you!

Daniel here it is:

These people had to know what they were doing was EVIL, yes EVIL!

Rape is evil, and burning people is evil, especially when they are alive.

People aren't even supposed to burn ants or cockroaches let alone their fellow human beings!

I am sorry that these guys can't get the death penalty, but then again hanging or whatever form of death penalty in modern times is too good for those guys.

I remember reading this in horror at the time, and thinking 'It's like the Partition times in India'

Killing people for their religion is wrong, killing for race is wrong, killing them to take their stuff is wrong.

Mostly these people were killed to take their land and their personal belongings. Black market goods that were war plunder are still out there. Refrigerators, stoves even things rugs and clocks. There were descriptions of the plunder in a few U.S. news outlets. I read them and remember them, this was before the internet became a part of my life, but I knew. I used to shiver thinking about people being burned and wonder why my government was doing nothing.

The author of the Visegrad Genocide Memories has been doing something similar for the victims of Visegrad to what Daniel has done for the victims of Srebrenica. There's quite a lot more information there about Lukic and his atrocities.


It's difficult to think of any sentence appropriate to the scale of the suffering for which he was personally and directly responsible.
Actually guys like Lukic and his lot make me HAVE to believe in Hell! They belong there now!

I used to wonder at one time why anyone would believe in Hell, but some people are so evil they belong there.
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