Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Another Hot Day

Well I woke up later than usual. I try to wake up early and get stuff done early especially this time of year, so that I don't suffer out in the heat.

I blame NatGeo.

They had some interesting documentaries on last night. One on Islam got my blood boiling because those people didn't know entirely what they were talking about, the NatGeo people, I mean.

Another documentary was on a thing called the Star Disk, a wierd Central European relic which had to do with calculating solstice, a sort of pre-historic lap-top if you ask me!

It was very cool. Anyway, I fell asleep during the documentary that followed and woke up about 9 am. This NEVER would have happened in the other place :)

I love how nice and cool I am at home, I don't have to go out for anything but shopping and other vital errenda and of course to use the internet.

If my computer ever gets fixed, we're talking about ways to get internet into the whole place. That's a ways dodwn the road though. It's questionable if my computer is fixable. I'm sicking a very good Nerd onto the problem :)

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