Friday, June 05, 2009


Who you gonna call? GHOST BUSTERS!

Well to continue on yesterday's story, the whole thing is totally 'News of the Weird':

I had the street wrong, it was Queen and Baker where all the excitement was. Supposedly a known gang member lives there. Aforementioned gang member had been mentioned as a suspect in a drive-by night before last ( actually,12:50 or so a.m. yesterday but that's night to those of us who are asleep at that hour...)

Anyway the suspect was supposed to be in this house. I had a kind of weird feeling when I saw the picture of the house in the paper. I once looked at the same place long ago as a possible place to purchase, you know back when people did wild and crazy things like buy houses!

So the whole area around was blocked off for THREE HOURS! People were cutting through the yard of our own palid local version of 'Big Brother House' and the 'Door Buster (T.M') was used scaring the pisa out a this baka and the rest of the neighbors. Anyway eventually the crowds dispersed cuz the policija said 'get out of here' etc. KIT did not at any point cover this story, not last night, not this morning. I was tuned to the station long enough to know.

Local T.V. stations, some of which are not really that local any more did show up and cover the event. The newspaper had a short story in the 'Homefront' section.

So here's who I think need to stop bucking drug testing...

The local police, because the fact the house was Gloriously Empty (as the late great Professor Hibben would have said) ought to have been obvious to anybody with the correct training to be in a S.W.A.T. unit, followed by the good folks at K.I.T. radio who failed to cover a local news story occuring within a mile of their station. They could have said useful things like the traffic being diverted in the area and asked people to avoid the area.

I mean someone could have been in there, the guy that wasn't in there is a dangerous hombre, and he's still out there. eh life in nas gulag.....

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