Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Well I have moved....

Top 10 reasons
1 I wanted the particular place I moved to, it's bigger for the same price...
2. Quiet!
3. I don't need to worry what's going on in the alley!
4. No car alarm, none of my current house mates drive!
(that could be a downside but then my other house mates seldom drove for me, I didn't ask for it. I did my best to not need rides at all, or to get them from Other People. Car-less roomies always bummin' a ride, NOT A PLAN! EVER!)
5. The former house mates want to move to the country. I have nothing against the country, but I have flunked Living in the Country in the U.S. really really BADLY since I don't drive.
6. Even though the place is a bit better set up than my daughter's place, I mean has I door I could close. this one has a door I can LOCK if I'm in there.
7. Cable T.V. comes with the rent! I used to have to beg and plead to watch what I wanted to watch. Differing T.V. tastes can really become a problem. I used to just retreat to my room and listen to N.P.R. and the George Noory show, but sometimes I just want some T.V.! :)
8. I love kids, don't get me wrong, but kids in the morning if you are turning into a grouchy old lady are another story. I don't like ANYONE'S kids at t hat hour:)
9. More space for my food items.
10. Fewer dishes to wash! :) I only really have to do my OWN dishes.

Don't get me wrong, I am going to miss many sides of life with my former house-mates, they are all cool people, especially the cat! :)
And even if I don't like kids early in the morning, I do like them in general. They are sweet kids. I am going to miss the occasional midnight run to Wal*Mart or Safeway for ice-cream. Still this new place is quieter, and roomier and the same price, so I am happy. I hope my former housemates can now find the country place they have been wanting!

My impression is that New York is the only livable place in the US for someone who can't/won't drive.
Not that I'd actually call New York City livable, but it is one of the few places where nto driving isn't a huge job barrier!
American employers really, that's another ranty post I need to do! :)
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