Thursday, June 11, 2009


Stuff going on...

I guess the Granit Grad zeks are on their way to the Gulag. I think this because neither my son nor his girlfriend are visible online, meaning they are stuffed into a cross-country bus.

So I shall see them and my sister and her boyfriend soon.

Stuff to note, my old home has been turned into a half-way house for troubled teens apparently, the kind of troubled teens you need to call the cops on regularly. I was informed that this one guy broke all the windows one day. I guess that explains the big Geto Fence that is 7 feet tall all around the place.

Well if I'd rented it out it might have wound up being turned into a meth lab, the basement certainly was big enough to just screem 'RUN A HYDROPONIC GROW HERE! NO REALLLY NO ONE WILL EVER KNOW!' What with all the new laws where they can confiscate your property if a tenant does that I didn't want to take that chance!

Still the neighbors must miss the sight of me scything down the tall grass from time to time. It sure beats the sight of guys in drooping jeans on the porch.

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