Friday, June 05, 2009


Stuff from print media that interested me...

A lot of times I go hang in the library because physically it is cooler than at home. I am usually too warm in the summer here. . . and t home I am usually too warm in my room. So it's much nicer to hang here. Anyway,

a chart in Newsweek showing who owns resources and business in the United States, super-imposed on a beautiful American bison... lovely to see who owns our @$&! :)

The other one was in the Wall Street Journal, they showed a gleeful Bosnian Roma woman in front of a flaming shack. I mean she looked like she totally was having a BALL burning the place. The caption said that a group of Roma burned their own little places after being forced into government housing. If it's the encampment I am thinking of on the outskirts of Sarajevo, it's a place with Roma war veterans who were living in dire circumstances, wintering in packing crates and I know they probably are GLAD to have someplace more secure to be. There was no story with the color picture so I can't say I really know.

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