Thursday, June 18, 2009


Sorry to do the copy and paste bit again...but

but there is stuff about 'Snijeg' which is one movie I really want to see. I saw the director all over the place at last year's Sarajevo Film Festival. She is a really neat person. I know it must be a great film. I really want to see it.

I want to congradulate Art Bell on his birthday! Also on the fact his wife got her Zelen Karta at long long last! They do have a child together.

So maybe he can go back to Pahrump Nevada and his cats now!

Not Balkans related, but interesting to me since my sister and I were once stalked by a cougar in L.A. and our mother ran the cat off.

an interesting case:

Not sure why most news from Albania is by way of mainland Chinese sources, the Auld Alliance mozda?

and the Croatia/Slovenia border dispute is hotting up again. j*****

and some mostly about damn time type news!,dwp_uuid=6bfe44ba-5b10-11de-be3f-00144feabdc0.html?nclick_check=1

bankrotstvo news:

BiH isn't going to cut veteran's benefits. Considering how low they are this is a good thing, but BiH has such financial burdens as a country still after the war.

New Muslim member of BiH Presidency:,mustafa-mujezinovic-new-premier-of-federation-of-bosnia-herzegovina.html

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