Tuesday, June 23, 2009


So the end of the vacation...

My son, Ivan The Terrible, and his girlfriend Kat will have set off by now. Turns out the camera needs new batteries but will work once it has them. the new sort of memory card is something my computer doesn't like but the work-around isn't Hellishly expensive, it's a trip to Wal*Mart. Well I don't feel so much guilt about Wal*Mart since they came out for some form of National Health Ibsyrabce,

My son's presence did include a pilgrimage to Costco, where I was treated to a Hebrew National hot dog. Those are sooooo good! :)

We didn't hang as much as I would have liked, but that's o.k. because at least we had our trip to the island! Not many people in the U.S. in my humble circumstances get to go to ANY islands without first living on one!

The awesome driftwood house I enjoyed so much and that my grandbabies enjoyed so much was burned by the next batch of campers in that site! :( grrrrr! I realize $5 is a bit for a load of firewood but the rules say don't burn the driftwood houses!

We didn't! And we were probably a lot broker!

I loved the beach, haven't spent a lot of time on a beach in a long while,( not since the last long trip to Croatia actually and maybe twice we actually went to the Very Near By Beach)

Today I made a mess of cevapcici. My daughter must be scared of trying new things. She did all she could to block the production of cevapi at her house. Maybe she was afraid they'd be too exotic or something! This was probably my best batch ever. I had some for lunch and put the rest of the cooked cevapcici in the freezer for days when I need a quick lunch. My son got me some seaweed at Uwajamaya's in Seattle. That place is very cool. I personally have never been there, but it's very cool, they have stuff you should try there. He brought some sort of Korean yogurt flavored soda. It tasted like one of our special things in the Gulag. You take some egg-nog like a quarter cup and put it at the bottom of a tumbler, then you fill it up with 7-Up. That is what it sort of tasted like. It was one of Ivan The Terrible's Double Dare Dog Dare You Treats. His girlfriend who is very Mid-West in her food and beverage tastes liked it. I liked it, and I sure appreciated the seaweed and the microwava macaroni. I used to use it pretty regularly when I was in school here. Practically counts as 'field rations'! :)

No my son only met one of my house-mates. That was just in passing. it was P.

S. was out at the time. I didn't see she was home and on the steps when I did get in, and she was already in her jammies anyway. Most people don't like to meet new people while wearing their jammies! I sure don't! Anyway my kids were in a hurry, my daughter works from 5 am or so, and she had to take my son and his girlfriend to catch a bus.

It was good, they hope to stay longer next time.

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