Thursday, June 04, 2009


Late breaking no news of whatever was happening...

Probably I am going to have to hope my housemates don't mind my watching the late news tonight. . .

On Stewart street, a street close to the Yakima Gulag People's Institute of Higher Re:Education there was a situation that drew large crowds of neighbors, it happened just as school was letting out. I was going to go home and get my camera, my earlier posts were made from Tropical Heat, because I can sit there as long as I keep buying coffee and it was $1 Mocha day.

Anyway I packed up my box and threw it in the back pack after the rain stopped and hauled myself home. That kind of weather makes my bones hurt and I could feel a headache coming on. I pass Stewart street and note the large number of people out there. Now I'd been by earlier and had a bad feeling about a discussion I overheard, but I didn't take it as more than a mildly heated discussion, nothing horrible. A guy was breaking some stuff and throwing it in the trash and there was a place when I turned onto Queen that had a lot of pebbled up broken auto window glass.

So anyway as I came back this afternoon 3ish, I noted lots of people, vans and cars from T.V. stations, in short all the signs of a mild media feeding frenzy.

Now KIT prides itself in it's ads on being the place to turn to for first information of anything happening here. When I got here this certainly was the case.

Increasingly this is NOT the case. Why didn't they have something on the air?

No seriously...! Why wasn't something on the air at 4:00 pm, or even 5:00 pm?

I mean the situation was serious enough they used a door buster which by the way makses quite a loud noise, neighbors not yet aware of whatever the fandango on Stewart street was popped their heads out and pulled their kids into their homes.
I admit to jumping a foot off the lawn chair where my housemate S. and I were having ice water and catching up on each other's otherwise uneventful days. She'd noted stuff going on as she brought her kid home from school. I was too tired to go film or take pictures, it's hot and muggy in a tropical sense of the word. Anyway the usual T.V. news people were there. So now it will be awhile before I have any clue what went down. KIT should have had a guy there, and covered it at least by 5 p.m. I mean radio isn't so high tech that they couldn't...

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