Monday, June 22, 2009


FTC and Blogger supervision

For the record, my blog has ads for which I have YET to see a PENNY! I don't know how to take them off. I feel ripped off that I even tried that option. It was ment to keep me in kafa and cevapi funds and maybe bus fare but NOOOOO!

Anything I recommend here I recommend from personal experience and a sincere desire to benefit businesses in the Yakima Gulag. The places I mention are places I eat, shop or go to have fun and have managed to do so at reasonable cost, or they employ(ed) one of my kids. That generally makes me loyal!

Most of this blog is semi-political too, but I don't get money from that. It's ironic since I sort of hoped this blog might turn into a nice sideline to LEGITIMATELY make some money while having fun.

I realize the re are people who make money through blogs all kinds of ways. They can start investigating the SPAMMERS as far as I'm concerned! Someone is making money there!

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