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I have gone to every Edgefest but the one last year when I was in Sarajevo. I don't like ALL of it by any means but I like and enjoy a lot of it, and I can find other stuff to do if a given band is too screamy or just doesn't appeal. this year I especially liked

Fire In a Crowded Theatre, The Naivans (sic) and The Neighborhood, and some of a band called Grey Fox. There was another band called With A Bullet I also liked. Absent were my beloved Optimus Rhyme and a few other Seattle based groups who have come to Edgefest in the past.

There weren't the crowds of previous years, but the people who did come seemed to have a good time and occasionally had humorous accessories like the fellow who used a gas can as a drink container....

I wish there'd been food available, and cheaper drinks, not a problem for me in either case, a lot of audience members went to Taco Bell or Taco Time and returned after eating or with food.

Anyway it was a good festival and I had a good time. I hope they raised enough money to make it worth doing again next year.

The festival supports Operation Harvest, and the library I hang out in so much. Both worthy causes as we have a lot of hungry people in this town and anything that helps the library helps me.

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