Sunday, November 09, 2008


Things are a little crazy for now

I think Hunter S. Thompson said it well, when the going gets weird, the weird get weirder..' Well one of my housemates had to rescue a relative from a bad scene. This took up a bit of the evening and gave her PTSD, and I had to talk her down. Fortunately, I know how to do this.

Things are fine today. Nice weather in the gulag, nice new president in the nation, and I was tidying up my room. I have half a closet, one door opens into the living room and the other opens into my room. My half is now clean enough so I can close the door. Meaning if I feel like lighting incense, it's nto going into the part of the close that isn't mine, because it's not going in the closet! :).

Always a plus!
Worked over my NaNo and my guide book. I had back-story issues with last year's NaNo so I was fixing it, like how the MMC's family got killed off and how h e escaped differed, names of kids differed, name of wife differed, and family name differed so it was a big search and destroy .... stupid "WordPad! d'oh!

If you need a freeware wp with more capabilities, have you tried Open Office Swriter? Open Office is quite a long download but you could get a friend with better access to download, put it on a memory stick and copy over.
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