Friday, November 14, 2008


Stuff that I wanted to blog but haven't had time for:

Mostly mind-numbing trivija but oh what the Hell!

Someone stole a small plane and had a hard landing on the closed part of the Yakama Rez

They moved a really cute wooden silo in Union Gap to the Agricultural Museum.

I am at 26222 words on my this year's NaNo. I still can't figure out how to do layout for the freebie at Amazon, how to put the pages the way they want them or how to put in cover art for last year's book. I have no clue.

I have another like four months to figure it out. It's not something taht got covered in my handy-dandy Microsoft certification class at the People's Institute for Higher Re-Edjumacation. So it goes. I mean it requires me to put the text two pages at a time sideways and allow for some gutter, and for margins and all that govno, nema pojma kako da radi! Plus I while I did find my Open Office, I can't save in Open Office, but at least it's wonderful for Word Counts! :)

I am thinking my housemates may take a weekend out of town. I hope they do it. They have stuff to resolve.

I am of the firm belief that people with each their own kids ought nto try the Brady Bunch action. It barely worked on T.V. and it really doesn't work in Real Life without massive counseling for all involved. Just the day to day stuff messes people up!

Throw in any 'issues' and it can get miserable.

Yakima County has a higher than usual murder rate this year. 18 so far. And people wonder why I felt safer in Sarajevo...?

Actually I feel reasonably safe where I live, it's nice, I can close the door. Those are the things that matter.

The NaNo Group here are nice. one of them types on a REAL typewriter,a damn near antique Royal with little round buttons! I approve the nostalgic sound, and it's cool. She carries it in no muss no fuss I can sit anyplace. Meanwhile I can't count words on stupid word pad. oh well! :)

Hmmm, puzzling that you can't Save in OpenOffice. Tried Save As?
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