Tuesday, July 22, 2008



Last night at about 23.56 I heard a short burst of some light semi-automatic fire, and made a note of it in my mobile phone's calendar. I was not inclined to turn on the T.V. It was a dark and stormy night here, well not always so dark, the lightening sometimes had pretty interesting colors, pink for example...
So I thought, 'Something is going on out there...' but other than noting the firing of some sort of weapon and distant shouts, and a Hell of a lot of rain and thunder, I had no clue...
So this morning, I get up a bit early, thinking, I'll turn on the T.V. to wait for Euronews, and make my coffee and a few corncakes to eat. . .
Except for one thing, both FTV and BHT1 had some sort of documentaries on Karadžić! So I thought to myself, 'Well either the son of a bitch has been arrested or has died...', and waited. I did not put on hot water, I thought about how the preceding evening, due to some personal stuff, I had been praying to God and saying as often I do at such moments...'Why dear Lord are you even BOTHERING about me when Karadžić is still out there, and got away with murder?'
I have often asked the Lord that question. I suspect I might not be alone in asking it.
The documentaries went on, then at the time Euronews would ordinarily air, FTV announced the arrest. It happened last night. What I heard was probably 'celebratory fire', as Americans in Baghdad would call it.
Anyway, I indulged in a more peaceful celebratory shot, I poured a small glass of my small amount of Irish Mist and before drinking it thanked God that Karadžić has not yet, after all cheated justic. I went out, Oslobođenje was sold out at the corner news stand, the rain was very heavy, even crossing the road to the bus stop was like crossing a small river, the rain carried small bits of concrete and rock from construction further up. I was ankle deep in water. Got the bus, and here I am.

I can imagine what it must be like over there. The tv, radio and newspapers here have been covering it heavilly as well.

Is it rainy over there now? I remember when I used to go summers as a kid that a good month it used to rain every day - we'd get some blue sky and sun everyday but it rained alot. I think I remember September being cold and rainy too.
Too bad that the rain water was not voluminous nor swift enough to wash Karadžić down the sewer and thus save all of us from a time-consuming and embarassing trial. What kind of justice can be expected for the victims at this point? He should be wrapped up in his facial hairs and books of poetry and sent down the river to drown in his own blood.

There, I feel better now.
a big cyberhug to you Ms. Yakima about this wonderful news!
Thanks everyone, I had more creative suggestions for what the son of a bitch REALLY deserves!
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