Friday, June 20, 2008


You are not in Kansas anymore!

Bosnian house slippers
Originally uploaded by Yakima_gulag
It is funny, but Sarajevo means two things to me, red house slippers, and cevapi! The first gift the S.O. gave me that wasn't chocolate was a pair of red fuzzy house slippers, since worn to a frazzle.

Basically he told me, 'Here are your papusen!' I said 'Thanks' and put them on, then he said 'You I tired, You I no cooking, I going, I get cevapi, you like beer?' So I said 'yes' to the beer, and hoped cevapi would be o.k..

'I going, pet minut,'

While he was gone, the azan was called from the nearest mosque, and I stood at the window and listened. It was very bluesy sounding.

I looked at my feet, at the red house-slippers and said to my self, 'Well Dorothy, you aren't in Kansas anymore!'

I left them back in the States, knowing that a new pair of house slippers would come my way, like it or not, they did, they are red too.

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