Saturday, June 28, 2008


Well, I finally get to hang with some Yanks!

The other Obama supporters did get in touch, they just got a new mobile phone, and I guess all the new features were confusing.... Been there, know how it feels, so we shall meet by Sebilj and I will show them the nice place that has salmon...It also has the advantage of a staff who do not speak much if any English,and a calendar with Tito on it! :).

Last night, there was an UN-FOR-REAL HUGE MONSTER hailstorm, a LOT of rain fell on Sarajevo and the surrounding area, and there was thunder and lightening. I am glad I got home when I did, at least I wasn't out in it, but people who were, could not get taxis, it messed up bus service and generally was not fun.

The poor rose bushes in my garden and all the other nice little plants my landlady put in showed signs of damage. The hail just went on and on. I did get some film, but I wanted to travel light today so I did not bring my camera this time. Anyway it was something else again. . .

I was glad to hear from the other Americans. They do seem like nice people and well, fellow Obama supporters! Always a plus!

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