Friday, June 27, 2008


Well the grudge match I wanted to see won't be happening...

I was really hoping Russia could beat Spain, not anything against Spain, I LIKE Spain, and was also glad they won, just that I wanted to see what would happen if the Russians played Germany. The Red Fury beat the ex- Reds big time though, in a driving rain. People were slipping, sliding and crashing into one another, lots of passes were made by players using their heads, in short a pretty interesting game to watch.

Today is going to be hot again. I had something to do in town, I called my Obama website friends that are in Sarajevo, but no reply. I HATE when people say they will call and then they don't! I really find it annoying. I realize people are busy and maybe scared of meeting someone they barely know online, but damn, we might be the only Democrats in this burg! We should at least get together for a damn coffee! It's not like I don't pay for my own lunch! sheeeeesh!

Well off to see what kind of cheesy reading I can find at the book fair. I have a genuine Kinky Friedman book! I LOVE Kinky Friedman, ever since he started the Texas Jewboys! The very notion of Jews in Texas back then was a deal!

A lot of shops in Baščaršija are closed. People might be on holiday. Lord knows even with a fan it can be too damned hot. The only cool place to hang is the Bezistan. The stuff there is better now that t here are tourists coming to buy stuff.

I did get more old Geographics. One had a cool article with Preying Mantises. I love those insects! I have saved them from ignorant people before.

Once back in the Gulag, there was one by the newly opened Petco, I think Petco is gone now. Anyway it was on the sidewalk and a small crowd had gathered around her, I assume it was a her, and they were acting awed and frightened. None of them had ever seen one of those things before. 'It's a Preying Mantis, please don't hurt her!' I said, and then I bent over, coaxed her onto my hand, 'What are you going to do with her?' 'Take her someplace with a lot of plants so she can make a living!' I took her to the bus stop, there were lots of plants there, and stuck her on one, she took off and that was that. I love their Alien From Another Planet heads. They seem highly intelligent for bugs.

I have to say the National Geographic isn't as scholarly as when I was younger, it is more what one of my English teachers would have called 'chatty' than in the old days, still nice pictures, and given how much that publication costs here, not a bad deal at all. It is nice out even though it is pretty damned hot. The bus routes are still messed up, but in a few days they won't be anymore.

The big Obama-Hillary Summit was on Euronews this morning. Her campaign debt is STAGGERING! I could have funded all sorts of things with that kind of change! I say no more, The Swedish Menace could be reading these pages.....

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