Saturday, June 21, 2008


Sunny today, hot tomorrow too...

It is going to be fairly hot today, and same goes for tomorrow. My ankle is better. It seems that unstable weather is worse than if it is steadily any one form of weather. I am not however going into town. There is the big 'Just Say No To Drugs' foot race and walk, and I imagine traffic will be a mess. It takes long enough getting into town and it can be worse returning to my hill, due to much needed street reconstruction on a key part of the bus route. I am fairly tired. I stayed up and watched the excruciating Big Game, Croatia v.s. Turkey. Turkey won in penalty kicks, and it took forever to get there. At the moment Turkey scored the goal immediately after Croatia, the people next door, and indeed people all over the mahal shouted. It was one great BIG shout in a usually pretty quite neighborhood. I felt bad for the S.O. who of course was supporting Croatia, as was I. Both sides have very good goal keepers. But penalty kicks is a different thing from regular play. It was simply agonizing. I began to feel sorry for the players on both sides who plainly were exhausted, physically and emotionally. There were some minor scuffles among the departing fans. I still don't know how things went in Mostar, nothing on the news about it, and I haven't read my copy of Oslobodenje yet. I will at home. I am going to just go home and eat. Tonight they are showing 'Frida'.
That film only got a very brief run in the Gulag, it was Finals Week and I had heavy papers I was working on, and going places at night there was no picnic either. When it was up for rent, it was up for rent at 'new movie' prices for a very long time, and despite the fact I love Frida, and Diego for that matter, I never got to see it, here it is showing TWICE on T.V.! :) Excellente!

There were some interesting items in yesterday's Oslobodenje. One item was that a partially exhumed mass grave in R.S. Bunarevic, near Manjaca a former internment camp, from which 28 bodies were removed, (then they found landmines and stopped the exhumation) is now being used to dump sheep euthanized due to brucellosis!

Needless to say people who were in the camp, and who may have loved ones still in this mass grave are angry. No one knows how many dead sheep got thrown in. It is a second crime perpetrated on the victims.
I realize this is a small country and places to put the remains of dead sheep are not that easy to find, but this is UNACCEPTABLE! There are still human remains in there, which should be exhumed and buried correctly, both of Muslim and Croat Bosnians who were murdered in the camp.

Brucellosis continues to be a problem here, it has disappeared from news coverage pretty much, but it is still affecting sheep and people who make their livings raising sheep here.

There was a little more about the helicopter crash. Interestingly enough, the crash got no coverage on Euronews. You'd think it would have. No one knows what caused the crash yet. Everyone feels bad about it too.

I hadn't heard about the crash except form yourself. The UK press is very insular, footballers' wives, footballers' girl-friends, Hello contracts for footballers' weddings, footballers getting caught in hotel rooms, - it actually makes me rejoice at penalty shoot-outs, it's the only time they seem upset to be the centre of attention.

The grave business is pretty unpleasant. Are people really that insensitive or was it deliberate?
@ Owen, I can't get into Mario's Cyberspace Station lately, so many viruses that Internet cafes block it.

I therefore don't know if it is in there, in the Balkans section. I don't know if MY blog has been pulled in there or not. That would be cool!
Re brucellosis, when they were building Knightsbridge Barracks at teh end of the nineteen-sixties or beginning of the nineteen-seventies there were a lot of worries because the site had been a plague pit in the 1400s. You're right a lot of these bacterial diseases leave very durable offspring behind.
@Owen, plague pits all over Europe are marked and avoided, and SHOULD be, what were they thinking putting a barracks there? what was the decision-making process there? I remember in Zagreb a few years back there was new building placed near a graveyard holding many plague victims, and I guess people were pretty worried. I don't know what finally happened with that.
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