Sunday, June 29, 2008


So we did lunch...

Among other things. The other Obama supporters are an American with diplomatic immunity, and his very pretty, very sweet Ukrainian girlfriend. We actually had to go all over Sarajevo first on varying errends, but I wasn't complaining, because the car was air conditioned, it was hot, so that felt really nice, and we got to all sort of get acquainted.

The girlfriend is opening a sort of hangout for women in Bascarsija. Which reminds me, Cop Count and Niqabi Count for this last month, 3 Nikabis, one Female Bosnian Police Officer, who mostly works in Bascarsija. The first time I saw her, she had come to the help of a child who was not sure whether a Female Police Officer or Being Lost scared him worse!

Anyway after they took care of some business, where I did a little informal interpreting, we went to the fish place. We all ate, and conversed, and they are really nice people! We had a lot of fun, then they dropped me close to home. I did not want to take the responsibility of directing them up my impossible street. I am not good enough. I can show them with a map, and landmarks in a non-driving setting sometime.

They have a dog, a Chinese Pug. I did not get to meet their dog this time. Like SENSIBLE dog people, they had their pet at home. I like Chinese Pugs, I like their velvety skin, their usually calm demeanor and the worried look on their faces, so I am sure I will like the dog. They brought him with them from his last posting, Sri Lanka.

And Thanks for lunch and the lift home. I should really invite them over for chili a la Nuevo Mexico!

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