Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Signed Sealed Delivered....

So the big day was yesterday, the Stabilization and Association Agreement got signed, a bit late, o.k. who was late? I hope it wasn't anyone from BiH! There is such a stereotype about it!

Seriously, first it was supposed to be at 16:00 hours, then it was supposed to be at 16:35, then it got moved all the way to 17:00 putting at least F.T.V. and BHT1 into some sort of T.V.-land holding pattern. First of all, the re-run of the last episode of 'Pečat' got bounced in favor of 'My Dear Fatty', which is a series I absolutely HATE! Probably it is the WORST Spanish language soap on T.V. here, so not to sound petty, given how late the treaty signing was, they could have let us at least see 'Pečat'!

Instead, an easily interupted documentary about a fairly good artist was run, complete with serious music,for a time on BOTH F.T.V. and BHT1, then F.T.V. switched, and ran some show with Kemal Montenegro. I suppose some people like him, but I happen to prefer other local musicians.

I almost would rather have watched a half hour of Ceca to tell the truth!
BHT1, had a bunch of fat boring, political pundits, so it was a total Lose-Lose situation.

I hate to say this,because it makes me sound petty, but any country where an event, even a positive historic event buggers up scheduling to that extent, isn't doing as well as one would like.

Another thing, WHY is the picture so much BETTER for the Big Games, than for normal programming? Just saying... I watched in suspense wondering how late all the assorted big Drama Queens,( OOOPS I meant VERY VERY Important People! ) would be...

I halfway hoped they'd REALLY be LATE, to see if they would bugger up the Big Games! Then I just wanted it to be over.

They had excellent Simultaneous Translation. The skill of people who do Simultaneous Translation is unbelievable, I can sort of do consecutive. Even that is difficult at times.

For me seeing the interpreters at work was one of the highlights actually.

( Back in the Gulag, it was part of my homework to practice Simultaneous Translation. I used rented movies for this purpose and sat with friends, FAR back so I could not see the ever helpful subtitles! It could be pretty funny! I translated all the swears properly.)

Later, I went into Football Huligan Mode, and watched the Croatia vs Poland Big Game, that was fun! Croatia of course won, mostly by keeping Poland from winning, so they go on to play Turkey.

I had an extremely tiny glass of medovača to celebrate.(the type of glass that holds like a tablespoon!)

Then I attempted to watch a Good Film, but fell soundly asleep on the couch. So off too bed.

This morningćs Euronews was full of the President Bush Farewell Tour. It was fun watching him try to act like he LIKED Martin McGuiness! I have to admit I enjoyed that moment in a sick way! Jerry Adams? Where was HE?

Robinson, who is Paisley's replacement was also present. Robinson is much more someone Pres. Bush WOULD feel comfortable with.

Probably the only true words spoken in the ENTIRE Bush administration were spoken at this get-together, and I paraphrase, 'Progress that could not even be imagined 10 years ago has been made'. Sorry, I should really have taped it, with my mobile phone, just to have an accurate record.....

I had no idea that Iraq sent people to Northern Ireland to study how things got calmed down there...That information was on Euronews, for what it is worth.

Iraq is an entirely different situation! Bad as Northern Ireland got, it was NEVER in the same league of awfulness as Iraq, or when things were bad here, the Balkans...

For the record, I do think E.U. membership for both the U.K. and the Republic of Ireland was at least somewhat helpful, if only in the short term.

Please, from a translator who has intense admiration for the analytical skills and quick thinking of interpreters: "Simultaneous Interpreting"
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