Monday, June 09, 2008


Second trip into town...

Well, I am annoyed, highly annoyed, because of the fact I got an S.M.S. that started out ok from what looked like a potential student but it was another guy who wanted Something Other Than English lessons. So this meant, because I had given him the meeting place and time, that I had to S.M.S. the OTHEr fellows and tell them the NEW meeting place. I am getting really sick of stupid guy tricks. I did tell that guy he should go take his villager body parts to Hell. (The nicest way I can say what I in fact DID say to the little prick! and I ALWAYS assume guyx who brag about themselves don't measure up to NORMAL let along big or something!)

I S.M.Sed the semi normal sounding guy and switched to my old meeting place. and now I am sitting in Easynet, looking at stuff. So it goes.

Earlier, on the way home, I ran into the crowd waiting for signed copies of the new Dino Merlin C.D. Since I had my camera, and it looked like a cheerful crowd, I stuck around and got a few pictures, but then the crowd grew by such leaps and bounds, that I decided to go on home. I don't need a signature, although I would have LOVED to meet Dino Merlin! Not all Muslims are offended by it either, saw lots of very obviously Muslim young ladies in this crowd.

I'll have pictures up tomorrow ako Bog daj. I wanted to lighten the load a wee bit, and didn't bring my camera on this run. Or my umbrella. I am probably taking a taxi home anyway, and if I do take the bus, it will be crowded and I don't like having an umbrella and a big bag in a crowded bus, it just isn't fun for anyone involved!

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