Friday, June 13, 2008


Out and about...

So Croatia won against Germany last night! Way to go! They played very well, and the Germans were not at all easy to beat.

It occurred to me that I should not expect much for the rest of the Euro 2008 deal, because basically people are going to LIE to me about even coming to a meet-up let alone class because of this madness. I understand, it is not too different from the Super Bowl the difference is it lasts longer and it's more nights a week!


I watched two films that did not make it to the Yakima Gulag, I am not sure either was even available locally for rental...

Mystery Men, which I could not watch to it's conclusion, but I like it, parts appeared to have been filmed at the Burning Man Festival! Luna City to be precise! I loved that, and I loved the bad guys, it seems like in these films, the bad guys have the best parties, and my favorite bad guy Big Tobacco had a great mob-guy suit, and a cigar, he was majorly into downsizing people. That makes him a bad guy right there in my book, phasers set to stun shoot to kill! shoot to kill!

The other film was 'Pretty Dirty Things' I loved it, it has made it onto my list of favorite films. Kick-ass story, wonderful acting all around, and the actors were easy on the eyes. Especially the leading man and woman. The villains were great. I can't say more without spoiling it for someone who hasn't seen it. Get your hands on it, oh, NOT FOR children, there are a human heart and a kidney and some scenes involving sex. Speaking of which, the hooker was one of the best I have seen in a film. Great shots of London too. A lot seems to have been filmed in the Kensington Gardens area.

As well, they showed the less pleasant but very interesting immigrant neighborhoods. Just a great film, Katja recommends it highly!

So today I made another run down to the Healing Herbs fair, I picked up some stuff for my stomach, it is made from stinging nettles. Stinging nettles are approaching the buggier part of the year, so I figured some concentrate would be a good idea, besides, less work for me. Other stands had medovača, but it was in smaller bottles than what I got before, and the other stand had more. If I could have carried it, I might have got more.

Anyway a great fair, lots of good stuff in the line of healing products.

People here do use natural remedies a lot. I always have. I research stuff carefully though and I don't use stuff I don't understand. The owners of the stands do have knowledge of what they produce and sell, and a great enthusiasm for their products. Bosnia has some serious potential to expand into the world market with these products. These are not just villagers sitting on the curb, these are serious entrepreneurs. Not that I am against villagers sitting on the curb to sell their stuff, that is far better than people having no income, and if you know what you are doing, you can cheaply pick up good remedies that way. The people selling them in return have the means to purchase things that they can't gather or grow. One concern I have about the E.U. is how will this affect people producing on a very small scale like that.
When I left home, the Irish vote on the Lisbon treaty wasn't in. I know it is close though!

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