Sunday, June 15, 2008


A nice day out...

It started off rainy, and I woke up late. I was up a little late watching movies. I fell asleep during Pecat, and again during Sleeper Cell, despite having taken a good long nap once I got home. Darwyn looked to be in some serious difficulties. I will probably not know anytime soon what happens to him, because I think it is the end of the series. They don't re-run it.

Pecat, I can catch a re-run later. I do think it is the last of it. Just when everyone was really getting interesting! I watched Dogma last night too. That was probably rent -able back in the Gulag, but I never got around to it. Screamingly funny at points. Of course high level blasphemy as well all around. Well filmed. I could get with some points they were making, but not the entire program.

The rain yesterday was not heavy, it was not even worth carrying an umbrella, and I didn't because frankly, I get sick of carrying stuff.

I lugged home some stinging nettle syrup, that is a stomach remedy, and I got some rose jam. EXCELLENT, it and marmalade are now my favorites. It is a very adult jam, sweet, but not tooo sweet, great on pancakes, and my pan biscuits. I hung out for a bit at the dress shop, then went to the Internet cafe down there. Good thing I did, my relatives back in the States are having a bit of a get together.

Right now they have other selections from Dino Merlin's new album on. Excellent.

How Clean is Your House is being run on OBN, my sister told me about it years ago. There are basically two nice English ladies who go clean the slovenly squalid messes of sorry people who never clean anything. The place yesterday was AWFUL! It was like watching a train wreck crossed with a crime scene clean-up.

I recommend an empty stomach, this show is not for sensitive viewers....

In fact I switched to one of the many Euro 2008 game shows to wait for something else.

I am just staying in the neighborhood because I am tired. Basically only went out to get a paper, and some time at the local internet cafe, Club BIT.

Yesterday, when I was in town, the 'Informal Gathering of Citizens' were in front of the Katedrale. It was sort of noisy, but easily avoided. I went to the Healing Herbs fair a last time. It closes today. Some products available there are available in a couple of the little stores. I learned that here, different forms of honey are recommended for different illnesses, heather honey is recommended for gout and arthritis for example. Certain forms of honey are considered better for children and older people etc.

I've got barbed wire behind my front door in case Aggie and Molly turn up!
@Owen, but is it CLEAN barbed wire? Also you need a machine gun nest, and perhaps some securithugs in black. . . Just saying... :)
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