Wednesday, June 18, 2008


New E.U. rules on 'Illegal Immigration'

The E.U. is setting up base rules that are stricter than in many member states, 18 months of jail time, deportation, exclusion.

I can't say I like it, because it hampers a basic human right, the right to flee oppression.

My prediction is that it will make things worse, not better having such draconian measures. God knows similar measures did NOTHING for the U.S.

Actually, it is better to stem the tide of migration at SOURCE, here is how:

Help create stable governments that respect human rights

Help create jobs in people's home countries.

People basically leave home for those two reasons. Or to be near someone dear to them.

People don't start off WANTING to make long journeys to places far away where everything is different and they don't speak the language.

Most people only migrate for compelling reasons. Either things suck where they came from, to the point that going someplace else is an idea, or there is some major draw in another place. Like work.

Put work and decent government in place, and most people are going absalutamente nigdje!

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