Thursday, June 26, 2008


In town for a few hours...

I decided to go into town, the Book Fair is calling my name.... It is going to be hot again today and due to the much needed work on Branilaca Sarajeva, a key street for the bus routs up to my hill, not just MY bus, all the busses, I probably am taking a cab home. Where they turn is a long way from Baščaršija if you are traveling under a load, and I might be...

So Turkey lost to Germany. I was pissed off about the blackout, but then sense of proportion time, EVERYONE got hit by the same thing. Bad weather in Vienna.

I was hoping to see a really good grudge match between Turkey and Russia, now I am hoping for a really good grudge match between Germany and Russia. Seriously, I want to see that match! The Turkish fans in the stands were fun to watch. I guess the Swiss didn't manage to confiscate ALL the flares either, there were a lot being used in the rowdy celebrations by the German fans. One thing I loved about the German fans was that some of them wore traditional German outfits, not soccer shirts, not face paint, honest to God German peasant outfits, and I thought that was really cool!

In the night it cooled off a bit, and I opened the windows after dark to let in a lot of nice fresh air. I slept not as long as I needed, but better than night before last at least. I go to sleep early if I don't like what is available on T.V. and I should really have eaten first. I woke up hungry two times, but decided not to eat. Eating in the middle of the night will make you fatter than in the day! I hope I can get back home before it gets too miserable out there....Looks like all my family members who went to Florida to see my father had a safe trip back. That is good.

Some of the bad weather back in the U.S. is really distressing to look at on Euronews.

This is funny, I'd commented a few days ago about how FAST I have to run to catch the Market news section, and it seems to have slowed down a touch! Now if they could make it bigger that would really be nice!

One thing I LIKE a lot about the new 'rebranding' I like that they do show the weather here in Sarajevo on the map of weather, not on the crawler, but at least on the map. We are due for 33 C today! oooooj!

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