Saturday, June 14, 2008


I give up!

The S.O. and I met, he has been very busy with having some teeth removed, but we met for a little lunch, in Baščaršija yesterday. Today is in fact our anniversary, so something was sort of called for. We had liver and somun and some fake beer. Bavaria makes a very good fake beer.

I told him how the whole stinking mess with the students has gone, how only two are worth a rip and only one actually has time, and we are in total agreement that I ought not work with just one. for basically the exact same reasons.

I do think that something is up, my bad luck in this matter is Beyond The Laws of Probability. I do suspect a bit of Social Engineering, and I am not thrilled with it. The S.O. was horrified basically.

He was not only horrified that people would treat me t hat way, he was horrified that people would waste such a good opportunity to learn English, from someone with a decent accent, and a decent education.

So at least until Euro2008 is over, I am not going to try anymore. I hate just giving up, but doing anything else might be a Very Bad Idea. When my circumstances change I can apply at the language schools, and that would give me regular hours. Just now I can't do it.

So Ireland resoundingly rejected the Lisbon Treaty. I think it was because of what I observed there in Ireland, so far the E.U. has been bad for regular people. It has been fine if you hold an executive position and never have to walk on foot down O'Connell Street, to be besieged by Roma from Romania. My method of defense was to roundly curse at them in Bosnian if they failed to take the first 'No'. I would in fact NEVER speak English to them.
The ONLY good that came of all those Roma showing up, was that The Travelling People gained a certain level of respectability. Now they work in home repairs. They have a niche, and actually are not doing too badly as a community compared to before. A taxi driver told me about it. This was last year, and he was no Sinn Feiner, but pretty anti-E.U. Most of the no votes came from people who do not like Sinn Fein. But whether an Irish person supports Sinn Fein or not, any interference with national sovereignty is resented, they fought too hard to have it, too long, and some appeals on the yes side, insulted this sensibility.
I think in terms of the Balkans, Ireland offers some lessons actually. I will go into it more at another time. I need to think about it a bit, and organize my thoughts.

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