Monday, June 02, 2008


Hvala najlipsa Andras!

O.K. the woman calling out, for those of you still in the Yakima Gulag, or in Rio Del, is a news-paper vendor on Ferhadia, I frequently buy my copy of Oslobođenje from her, not to mention the occasional classic video. When I was first here, I hurt my ankle on one of the loose paving stones and she, realizing I don't see very well, showed me how to get to the nearest taxi stand so I could go home. So if I am in town, I get my paper from her usually.

She is a very nice person, she's right in front of the main market most days.

The red cafe is 'Oasis'. I have never actually gone. Briefly shown are places I have shopped or had lunch, the 'Special' and the place with the fence like deal, I like Special better in terms of prices, but both places are good.

As Andras said, it's hokey but I love it anyway! Maybe I love it because it IS so hokey!

Yesterday a woman was sort of shopping for English classes and called me, my first female caller. She said she wanted to check prices elsewhere first, and called from a land line.

I saved her number and if I don't hear back, I may give her a brief call just to see how it is going, and if she still would like lessons.
She actually said 'Your ad says high school students, but do you teach older people?' and I said, 'Yes, I have more experience with younger people, but that doesn't mean I can't take on an older student, and since you are female, I can do private lessons for you!' (Sorry guys!)

Anywyay I hope I do hear back. The competition is getting ugly out there.

So today I have assorted business in town, and then I will go home.

Again, thanks Andras! I had a hell of a time searching 'YouTube' something has gone wrong with my password and they have not sent me a new one. I didn't forget it, something went wrong and I don't know what.

Excellent clip!
Thanks again Andras! I had trouble fining it, and just didn't want it's excellence buried in the comments! :)
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