Monday, June 16, 2008


BiH is to sign the agreement with the E.U. today.

The big pact with the E.U. is the biggest news this morning, and the other important news is the case of the people from Srebenica who were kicked out of the U.N. 'Safe Area' against the Dutch government begins today. Hasan Nuhanovic has involvement in this case. He was an interpreter for the U.N. and his parents and brother were all sent to their deaths by the Dutch U.N. forces.

His life was ruined. Whose life wouldn't be ruined by such an event? A much earlier post in my blog has the series 'A Cry From The Grave'

Nuhanovic also has written a book about his experience, and the Srebenica massacre.

Excuse me turning you into Yakima Amazon - may I leave a URL to Hasan's book on the fall of Srebrenica "Under the UN Flag":
also the Women of Srebrenica's "The United Nations on Srebrenica's Pillar of Shame":
Yes you may, in fact I am going to headline this. I am sure it's o.k. with you.
Absolutely - you're a star!
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