Friday, June 20, 2008


And now for some T.V. reviews...

Yes petty of me, but oh well!

'Pecat's' 12 episode was EXCELLENT! I have become fascinated with the Wahabi village! Seriously, it looks just this side of familiar. I love the actors, especially the one who plays the coke-head bitch, and the one who plays Sanja.

'Pecat' is the Bosnian answer to 'Twin Peaks'. It has equally creepy, brooding music, it has a wonderful sense of place, and great acting. It's also fun seeing if you have been any of the places in the program!

I can't wait for more! Ranko is quite an operator!

Last night I stayed up far too late and watched an Irish film called 'On The Edge'. It was filmed in not such nice parts of Dublin, some familiar to me, some not, and the psychiatric hospital, not familiar....except from the outside. I got lost in the area looking for Kilmainham on one of my earlier trips.

It was all very well filmed, and I especially liked Toby, a slightly nerdy guy, who REALLY can't bowl.

It was a wonderful film! Do see it if you haven't before.

The escapes reminded me of a time I spent doing work-exchange in a hostel, and I would occasionally 'arrange escapes', basically this meant finding someone I could trust with the kids, and since the curfew did not apply to work-exchange people, we'd go out quite late and enjoy Irish music at a pub barely in walking distance, and cab back. It was great fun. Lots of good music, and people often bought us drinks! Nothing like being sent a whole pitcher of Guiness! :) Even if you are sharing with say three others!

Another favorite was the New Year's Eve party they organized. I say no more, I don't want to have to post a spoiler alert.

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