Wednesday, May 23, 2007



Why not to mess with the Turks

12 convicted of Djindjic assasination

There was also just a brief report of this on N.P.R.

Man arrested in Mladic signs case

Incidentally, check out Neretva Observer, he has a rumor that Mladic may be in Florida. I don't think that's where he is, but it's an amusing rumor.

Not exactly Balkans related, but here it is...

Poll finds that Muslims in the U.S. are largely content with their situation

Canada is setting up a 'No Fly List'. Apparently they want to do something 'New and Improved' like have a way OFF the list.


This got impossibly messed up, hit the naked http, it's about aid that Serbia may get from the E.U.

Chinese news source, just in case that bothers anyone.

N.A.T.O. Exercises in Croatia

Oliver Dulic new speaker of Serbian parliment

And a 'News of the Wierd' moment...

E-Mails to St. Anthony,

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