Wednesday, May 16, 2007




This arrived as a comment to an earlier post at this blog, since others may wish to enjoy the performances, we wanted to put this where more people will have a chance to see it, so as to help publicize the event:

Thanks for the critique I'll take everything into consideration... we'll be performing again at YVCC this weekend at 7 on Saturday...

-M. Alviso

Dear Ms. Alviso, please comment here, to let me know a specific venue, on campus, since I can't find it in the calender! Thanks! I am assuming the H.U.B.? If this is not correct please let me know! :) I want very much to help publicize the event! :) Gracias!


Ministarstvo Informacija

This arrived by way of comments to a brief review of a performance of 'Mujeres in Motion'

Coffee Bar Located Close to U.S. Embassy in Tirana Bombed

EU envoy seeks moves on war crime suspects

No Balkans Nexus for Ft. Dix Six

Bulgarian scientists will attempt to prove sanctuaries older than Egyptian pyramids

Serbia, EU endorse visa facilitation and readmission agreements

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