Tuesday, May 22, 2007



Renamed Belgrade street defaced with pro-Mladic posters


HRT: Republic of Srpska’s PM threatens international community with disobedience


From an Iranian new source, don't click if Karnivore concerns you...

Serbian government will fall if Kosovo becomes independant


This has been being said for YEARS.

Interesting article on Greek attitudes toward the U.S.


Tornados and floods destroy homes all in Bulgaria


When I was a kid,at school I was told that Europe NEVER had tornados! LIARS!

Sorry for the underwear ad that accompanies this story.

Immigration Figures Explode Myths


Which is not to say nothing is happening, incidentally I know that I have at least one regular reader in Slough.

Such happenings are fodder for websites like this:

Modern Tribalist


Who says the Blogosphere is 'Liberal'?, it's as mixed a bag as anything else...

No Big Fat Woggy Wedding For Me!


Here in the States, it'd be a scandal, but not in Avstralija!

Roma Children in Slough


Albania Requests Return of Antiquities from Greece


NPR has had reportage of Kosovo today and will have more tomorrow.

Update of sorts: I was looking at NPR's site, to check out some stuff about Andrew Basevich,he is a conseruvative critic of the war in Iraq, and he has some useful points to make. He's not one of those rabid 'the Muslims are out to get the West' guys, he's got a very common sense take, which comes from a sound military background.

I think what he has to say is worth checking out.

The Islamic Way of War


Incidentally he's not saying anything I didn't tell all my friends years ago before entering the Blogosphere.

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