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Today's Balkans News

Jet Lagged in Belgrad (blog)

VIEW: Appeasing Serbia — Nataša Kandic and Mabel Van Oranje\05\19\story_19-5-2007_pg3_5

Mladic Sought in Raid

Rapper Nas pulls out of Croatia gig, fears for safety

this is a big 'OH PULEEEZE!' Croatia is a very safe place for foreign musicians including rappers.

i haven' read the article yet, but oh please is right!
I do know that sometime (i'm not sure when) Public Enemy has gotten together to play in Zagreb; and Bonsian rappers have played there as well.
What a pussy.
These are supposed to be "gangstas"..LOL
All I know is that Serbian rappers, rock musicians and etc don't feel afraid to go to Croatia to perform!

But then again Serbs aren't a bunch of pussies.
my guess is he (or his management) probably just didn't want to go and they came up with an excuse. Kind of like Richard Gere being afraid while in Bosnia.
Although speaking of Nas; I've read about him in a book by Michael Eric Dyson, who is a very well known and popular scholar/critic/media personality and who has written extensively on the urban rap culture. He has been influenced by jazz culture (his dad was a jazz musician) and even though he dropped out of the 8th grade; he's has self educated himself by reading about African culture and reading the Bible and the Quran.
I mean he certainly is a very interesting person. (even if he's a pussy...) ;-)
Well said, Kandic. Council of Europe is making itself a mockery. You can either have Mladic at liberty or you can have respect for human rights. Do you know anything about Kandic's co-author, Mabel van Oranje? I haven't heard of her before.
@Owen, I have heard of her Mabel van Oranje, but I don't know a lot about her. Basically though, anyone Kandic is hanging with is cool with me.

@Shaina, Nas probably just needs to do more reading, and he should not be afraid to visit the Balkans,his managers should not be making such bullshit excuses either. It just insults people's intelligence. I'd really rather hear, 'Sorry we had a scheduling conflict..' or maybe the guy was not feeling well, or his horoscope sucked or something.
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