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Thursday, and Greetings on Cyrill and Methodus Day* Also Happy Buddha's Birthday!

Removals of War Time through 2006 BiH Citizenships On-Going

1. I've said this before, if the West had helped early on in an effective manner, there would not have been these foreign volunteers, 2. A people under attack is going to take the help of people who are willing to help. If you are being murdered and the local gangster saves your life then you appreciate him doing that for you.

The fact of the matter is that the Bosnians did not need soldiers from abroad, the need was for weapons, and food.

Serb War Crimes Suspects Must Face U.N. Court

< a href="">Observation of May 24 Begins in Ohrid*

Cyrillic Alphabet Day*

and just because computers make it possible,

A Whole Page of Cyrillic Stuff*

What's Wrong With Golf in Croatia

The fact is that no Balkans nation has a lot of flat land, and golf however lucrative isn't an efficient use of land.

Global Payments Signs Agreement with Sarajevo Bank

Opinion: The Sacrifice the Troops Bill

< herf=";jsessionid=4DED531C1B5ACCE09DF141307BA3654D.tomcat5?articleid=77795&showfull=false">Cheaper for Croatia to Join N.A.T.O. than Not...;jsessionid=4DED531C1B5ACCE09DF141307BA3654D.tomcat5?articleid=77795&showfull=false

Croatia to decide between F-16 and Gripen Fighter Jets Before Joining N.A.T.O.;jsessionid=44107CBC8E91CB9302836CDB465CC5D8.tomcat6?articleid=77794&showfull=false

< href="">Kosovo Albanians to Erect Statue of Clinton

Why not, it can go with the big picture of him.

The guy who writes the Agonist continues his travels, he's in Sandzak.

Speaking the Lingo in Novi Pazar

I don't fault the Bosnian government for accepting the help of willing volunteers, even though what the Bosnian Army really needed was heavy weapons, transportation equipment, and a decent communications and logistics infrastructure.
I don't fault them either, I do fault other governments for failing to help Bosnia Hercegovina until the last possible moment.

That failure to help is the reason there were and are extremists in BiH.
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