Friday, May 25, 2007


This is too funny for words.....or maybe too pathetic for words....

Sabor in chaos over YouTube videos

and wonderful proverbs are related in this article:

Lost and Found in Translation

Chinese goods and the dangers involved

Today's rant, on the subject of China, I think we in the U.S., perhaps the whole world ought to boycott Chinese goods of all kinds indefinately, first the poisonous stuff they sent for dog and cat foods, that wound up in pig and chicken food, then the anti-freeze tooth paste, jebiga, are they trying to poison us all? No seriously, they don't treat their own people any too well, and they just don't give a shit, we should boycott their cheap crap until such time as they 1. APPOLOGIZE, 2. Give proof that their goods are safe for human and animal consumption.

The other part of todays rant is I wonder WHY the Hell do we have an F.D.A. it's not doing it's job very well that stuff like this gets by them. They obviously are understaffed, or otherwise unable to do the job.

My proposal is any poisoned goods or drugs or food from other countries should result in trade sanctions immediately. I think the U.S. should also be subject to such sanctions if goods from our country are a problem, after all it has happened, the bad kidney dialysis solution a few years ago, that ended up in Croatia for example, if I were in charge in Croatia, alternate sources for this solution would be found IMMEDIATELY.

The world has admittedly become more complex in terms of commerce, and that means we need to see companies be MORE, not less trustworthy.

On a personal note: The last of the horrid Siberian Elms is going to be taken down today. It's halfway dead, an unusual situation with a Siberian Elm, that means that it ESPCIALLY should come down. The guy is coming today to finish it off. It really came to more work, and while I hate having been hit up for more money, in all fairness, it's justified. So while not exactly cheerful about it, I am not going to grumble too much either....
I want to say that I really tried to find someone to cut that stuff down when it was not so tall, and I had bad luck with finding anyone to do that job. It was always something, at least this guy has been good about showing up and doing the damn job.

Hoping all Amerikanci have a lovely Memorial Day weekend.

I agree that the world needs a better international standards for all sorts of trade issues (including labor rights, environmental effects, etc.), along with some sort of enforcement mechanism.

I don't think resorting to trade sanctions is the answer. That sort of tit-for-tat strategy would be both counter-productive and economically harmful.
@ Kirk, if other means of dealing with the problem fail, I'd rather see trade sanctions than see people injured, sick or dead from bad products.
Maybe if the government doesn't do a good enough job of regulating these things boycotting is the one way people can take control of this situation.
Kirk, sanctions worked in helping bring change in South Africa. I'm not sure about China, but something is neeeded to make China think again about protecting its genocidal friends in Sudan.
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