Friday, May 18, 2007

Slavic Refugees in Oregon

PAP backs death sentance of nurses, doctor in Libya

This insistence on political rights against conclusive scientific proof of the innocence of the nurses and the Palestinian doctor in this case is DESPICABLE!

Police raid casino, insurance company in Kosovo, arrest 3 Turks suspected of money laundering

Using a VW radiator to cool a graphics card, now that is GEEKY goodness, and there's other Geek accomplishments....

Geek news from the Balkans

This film sounds like the film I want any rabid uncompromising 'pro-lifer' to see!

Romanian Film at Cannes

In the Yakima Gulag there has been a serial pyromaniac at work. This person set a fire not far from my daughter's place of work at a time when she would have been at work, and two fires in my neighborhood, in fact if you read the post entitled 'If It Bleeds it Leads' I have film of the fire department in our Gulag putting out one of the two fires.

I hope they catch this creep or creeps, and put them away awhile.

Despicable is too moderate a word for them. I woder who this PAP think they are and who they represent.
That's contemptible - the Pan-African Parliament is the legislative body of the African Union. I suppose Gaddafi keeps one or two of them in the lifestyle he believes the people of Africa should enjoy.
I've nothing against people in Africa enjoying a nice lifestyle and if Kadafi spends money that way, he can't spend it on chemical weapons, but that said, I dislike the Pan African Parliment or PAP intensely for doing injustice and supporting injustice.
No one outside Africa can solve Africa's problems without being accused of colonialism, and being patronizing, but then the Africans have shown at that level, the continent, and leaders level a remarkable unwillingness to solve the problems of leadership in Africa, it's so much easier to back some horrible dictators, than to do the right thing.
Then the U.S. and Britain get all the bad press instead of it being fairly distributed.
I don't mind people FAIRLY blaming the U.S. when we've done wrong, I've criticized my country often enough myself, BUT I hate to see other countries go and do the same or worse while still pointing their fingers at us.
I wonder if GB will compensate Wolfowitz by appointing him ambassador to Libya.
Well, that might be an interesting concept, P.W. could be bribed by M.K. (Q?) and that would be grounds for nailing him under the U.S.A. Patriot Act!
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