Monday, May 28, 2007


The quiet countryside....">Dalmatinci žive najduže, a Zagorci najkraće

There isn't any easy way to gset at my other news sources, but this story is of interest. I'm not surprised people from Dalmacija live longer, it's a good place to live, This isn't to say that Zagorije is bad or anything, having traveled through that area, I like it too. Probably it's diet and climate that make the difference. The climate is harsher in Zagorije in winter.

Even if you don't read Croatian, check the article out anyway because it has some nice pictures of people in the traditional Croatian clothes.

Here at the dacha, the dog was delighted that I woke up early to feed him, He ate all that he was fed. Every other time I've stayed to watch him, he hasn't eatten well, which in a funny way hurt my feelings. I think he didn't realize before that I am a member of the family, even if he realized that I mean well and wanted him to be happy. He's a very good natured dog, very friendly and loyal.

I have been watching the History Channel a lot, mostly to spare my shortwave batteries. I listened to some of my usual shows last night though.

I wasn't able to listen to this episode of the radio show yesterday, but I was hoping to listen to it archived like the first one. It's not yet available--was your broadcast delayed?
@Kirk, yes it was delayed, I will put up what I meant to put up yesterday next week sometime. I appologize for the inconvenience.
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