Saturday, May 19, 2007


Policija u Yakima Gulagu

Police drama on the next block. I heard sirens, and they stopped close so I grabbed my camera and headed for the door, on opening the door, I heard the police who were there in large numbers tell a suspect to put his hands in the air NOW'
I closed the door and filmed from the windows, probably that was stupid enough. I don't know what all was going on. The newspaper had nothing and the local English language station had no information as on Saturday morning there is no local news service.Odds are there will be something in the newspaper tomorrow, or maybe even Monday, and I'm fairly sure there will be something on Monday on the radio.

Tomorrow I will have a Live Remote installment of Blog Talk Radio, 'Morning Yakima Gulag! ' I hope to be able to interview some peace activists from the Seattle area, who are with Veterans for Peace. If nothing else you will hear what it is like to stand on the corner of 16th and Nob Hill and hold up signs for peace. I think this war is rapidly losing the Redneck vote, it's defiantly lost the Black and Latino votes...

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