Thursday, May 31, 2007


Last Day of May;

Kosovo Serb Leaders Accuse West of Ethnic Cleansing

So, some young Serbian couples decide to go West, incidentally a lot of them might have chosen to go to the West even if there were no problems in Kosovo. Serbs have been leaving Kosovo since the Great Great Migration after all....

So if the West forbids young Serbian couples to enter their countries, that violates their individual human rights, and if they allow them that's somehow 'ethnic cleansing'. A total no win situation.

No Forcible Return of Refugees to Kosovo

Kosovo Police Arrest 8, Raid Homes

U.N. Forces in BiH Hunting War Crimina

Croatian minister under pressure over driver

(Death to over long headlines!)

and a couple 'Mind Improvement' stories:

Cow's Mass Grave Death Sets off Legal Row,22884,21830375-5012784,00.html

The whole thing could be mistaken for a Mujo and Haso joke...

and this is pretty sad and tasteless...

Huge Breast Implants Deform Bulgarian Pop Diva's Spine

Oh in Spanish they have a saying to not put away your long underwear until the 40th of May... well it's the 41st of May as far as I'm concerned!

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