Monday, May 14, 2007


If it Bleeds It Leads

this was at the 'How Berkley Can You Be' Apartements. a bunch of fire engines, and I talked to some tenants, who had to be evacuated because some young wankers decided to set a fire in a vacant apartment. The tenants were students at the Yakima Gulag Institute of Higher Re:Education, and they were yupset because they had LOTS of home work that was interupted by the little firebug wankers.

I saw this on the way back from the Department of Visual Arts exhibit, several friends of mine had work in it, and one again was awarded for her work, so I'm glad I went, besides some zek, or zeka got hold of some ajvar and put it on cream cheese and then surrounded it with crackers, so mmmm, there was a lot else that was delicious, and I enjoyed myself all around, nice art, nice food, it was all good.

I'm lazy so I'll just link to a photo from the exhibit, and you can look around in there.

laku noc komrades, oh the sports show played 'I Wish They All Could Be California Girls' covered by the Leningrad Cowboys, too weird to hear that on a straight show like a sports show!

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