Tuesday, May 15, 2007


Good Afternoon Comrade Zeks

Bulgarian Scientist Questions Theory of Relativity


Nelson Mandela proclaimed honorary citizen of Serbia's Capitol


West should tweak Kosovo plan to please Russia- ICG


Fire Breaks Out in Top Security Prison in Serbia


Swede suspected of giving N.A.T.O. data to Serb spy


N.A.T.O. Drone Crashes into Kosovo House


Jerry Falwell Dies.

I am going to speak ill of the dead here, Jerry Falwell was like an American Ian Paisley, only Ian Paisley is a better man in my opinion because Ian Paisley has the guts to attempt to deal with his enemies in a civil way, and I think maybe he regrets some of the disaster he caused. Jerry Falwell didn't in his life, maybe as he lay dying he did, I hope so for the sake of his soul. Ever since he got on his high horse we've had a problem, a bad problem in America with American religious fundamentalists. Not every single point these people make is bad or wrong, but most of it is.

Today everything was warm but my screen, which froze, so I need to go back and get the other stories I wanted to share..

The house is ever emptier, I think I've learned how to use a cell phone at least well enough to not have too much trouble with it.

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