Saturday, May 26, 2007


Gentle Readers:

I am blogging from elsewhere, and getting things up has posed a few challenges, no just at the dacha not out of the country yet.

I have had massive yard work done, but the guy's chainsaw died while he was working on the big Siberian Elm behind the garaza, and he discovered a terrible mess of half dead white lilac bushes. I really knew he'd be sad if I didn't offer a little more for this job, it's one thing to have him work cheap, which he is, it's another thing to totally exploit the guy! So I said, 'Look, this is WAY more work than either of us thought, and I think it's only fair to pay you more. Let me arrange to make that possible and you can come finish up then.' He was glad I did that. He's given me quite a bit of discount for refering people to him. I think getting that mess out really is WAY more important than painting the place, and it's a big job, and has GOT to be done. I got the water going on that area because it's basically a really nasty fire hazard. We have some drkar in town that sets fires, and he hasn't been caught yet. Anyway, that's why I'm late this morning in setting up the blog. My wireless isn't working here, I brought my computer more so I would not worry about it in my absence, and I have call forwarding on so that if anyone wants to buy the things I put in my ad they can get hold of me. Basically one thing is sold. The book case with doors. The other one is missing some veneer, and the guy didn't want it. But he did like the one with doors so I told him I'd hold it for him and tell folks it was sold, since he actually liked it. I've seen him around school, He works out at Yakima Gulag People's Institute of Higer Re:Education.Every time I go outside the dog wants to hang out which is fine, I like the dog, he's a good dog, and the birds fly around because they don't like people in the yard. The birds all have babies right now. I should have some great chances to photograph birds here.

Hope he didn't get rid of the white lilac - beautiful stuff on a spring night, picked out in the light from a sitting-room window.
The parts of the white lilac that are not deadwood will be preserved, he only cut what was necessary to get at the Siberian Elm and we discovered a nightmarish thicket of dead wood, Siberian Elm seed pods, bottles people threw over the fence and God knows what all. Those parts of the White Lilac that are healthy will be kept, because I love lilacs whether they are purple or white, they mix well with roses if you make a bouquet too! :).
Have you got a recipe for lilac vodka?!
Since I never heard of lilac vodka no I haven't got a recipe. I don't even know if lilac is safe for human consumption or not. I might infuse it to use as a perfume though, in which case all you'd need to do would be to gather a bunch of lilac at daybreak when it still has dew, take it in the house wash it carefully and soak it in a big bowl of cold water, that is to remove the insects, and then drain it, and put it in a big bottle with a wide mouth and pour in the vodka, let it soak in there on a windowsill until you like the scent. make sure not to include any leaves, you only want flowers. I'm sure it would result in a nice home made perfume.

I will research whether lilac is safe for human consumption and let you know that.

This article is more informative than the last, if children traditionally take it for sore mouth,and it's used in fritters to eat, the odds are it's very safe indeed.

Still the dose a child might take for sore throat is probably less than what one would infuse into vodka. With flower infused vodka, I normally add in some sugar because most flowers smell sweet and taste bitter.
Here is more on the medicinal uses of lilac, interestingly it's a treatment for quite a few things.
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