Thursday, May 17, 2007

Eurovision Chickens Come Home to Roost

For the record 'Dervish' is a fairly serious New Age type Irish traditional group, not typical Eurovision fare at all. The post is very long and quite angry because the Irish are accustomed to at least placing respectably in Eurovision.

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Postcard Belgrade, from Time Magazine,9171,1622201,00.html

Exiled Monarchs

Returnee stats for Croatia

I should mention a lot of Croat returnees fit the profile, in a way it's better to be a part-time resident of Croatia, than full time, you still can have the medical benefits, and actually live someplace cheaper like Bosnia-Hercegovina.

"The article is correct that returnee stats will improve if the economy truely improves.

Islamic headscarf's comeback reveals Bosnian divisions

O.K. right now let's get something straight, Christians should be observing modest dress too! I get sick and tired of these articles about the symbolism of the head scarf. I am a Christian who observes modest dress. In case you didn't know, the Virgin Mary wore a scarf, all good Jewish women of her time did and many still do! In the Catholic tradition, there once was a movement called the 'Marian dress movement' It wasn't a bad thing.

REAL secularism would be to leave people alone about these matters. Anyway all a ban would do is to chase Muslim girls and women out of t he schools and gradually radicalize people.

Banning outward observances of any religion is not going to make that religion go away, all it is going to do is cause resentments.

Besides doesn't EVERYONE'S government have enough to do?

Bulgarian Reporters Hold Vigil Against Police Violence

It's not scarves that are a problem, as I said before it's these horrible niqabs. We had a World War II bomb unearthed on Monday which the builders shifted because they thought it was just a boiler. The police had to evacuate a couple of hundred people, the roads were cordoned off and all the traffic was diverted.

I was trying to explain to this woman in a niqab waiting at the bus stop that there weren't going to be any buses coming because the road was cordoned off further up and it was really peculiar trying to talk to her eyes.

I couldn't tell whether she understood or not and I don't know whether she moved away because I was a man addressing her immodestly or because she'd actually got the message, I just couldn't tell.
Of course as with the other thing on this subject where we had a debate, I wasn't talking about niqab, I share many of your objections to niqab as opposed to a scarf.

I realize that can be disconcerting, to talk to someone you can't see, but then again, we do talk to people we can't see all the TIME on the Internet and by mail and over the phone.
No, I agree with you, I was wanting to point out that niqabs pose a real problem but headscarves are no impediment to human interaction. I do not understand what business it is of anyone else's if someone wants to wear a headscarf as long as they're not prescribing what other people should wear.

Anyhow the bomb seems to have been defused as the buses are running again today.
I remember a really excellent British series called UXB which was run on PBS for awhile, excellent, and I had to explain to my children that no these weren't I.R.A. bombs, but German bombs. It is really something that unexploded bombs from WWII still endanger people in Britain and Europe after more than 50 years.
Yes, I remember UXB from the dim and distant. Fortunately it's about twenty years since the last one that affected me - I couldn't get to the launderette because a bloke in a digger had tried to excavate it and the whole area was cordoned off again. We should get quite a few more once the Lee valley starts to get developed for the Olympics site. A lot went down there during the war that seem to have buried themselves in open ground.
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