Monday, May 14, 2007



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@ Owen, I meant this picture, sorry! We don't eat baby birds here!

Yakima, please join our discussion about Greensboro verdicts - we have a defense lawyer answering questions.

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Please contribute. Thank you.
Greatly relieved to hear it! Hope you enjoyed the chocolate.
Boze moj! we are on in real time Owen! That doesn't often happen!

But I have to ask, why did you think the worst of me like that? What have I done to deserve such an assumption that I would eat helpless little baby birds?

I did not like even that our presence near their nest frightened the parents of the nestlings.
Sorry, I missed carrying on the real time exchange. I'm afraid I was guilty of the sin of not being able to resist pulling your leg! You're much too nice to be doing nasty things to little creatures like that.

Not quite in real time, but the interaction with the real world at Dan's blog with the comments from Chris Justice and the anonymous juror at Dan's blog is very interesting.
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