Wednesday, May 30, 2007


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Bosnian Prison Boss fired after Prisoner's Escape
Bosnia seeks war crime fugitive convic

12 Arrested in Serbia for War Crimes Against Croats

Earlier Report on Above Story

Radmanovic: Kosovo Independance Dangerous for Entire Western Balkans

Russian and West May be Ready for Kosovo Compromise

Turkey Takes Over Command of Multi-National Force in Kosovo

I am back home, back to the fray of dealing with all the various repairs. Just not right now, I'm doing my hair, which is a major undertaking as I have a lot of hair. I woke up late. Last night my little grand daughter wasn't well so neither I nor her father got decent sleep, my daughter had to sleep because s he only gets four hours at the best of times due to her work schedule. Baker's hours are just not as nice as Banker's hours! :(. So after being the recipient of some fantastic projectile vomiting, and trying to comfort a really sick child, I slept late yesterday, and when my daughter got off work she and I did some retail therapy, and hung out here, she weeded a flower bed for me and we discovered the Lilies of the Valley are back! :) I could have killed my fiance early on when he pulled up the leaves from it to protect some chocolate he left for me. He should have KNOWN they were Lilies of the Valley! They have taken this long to really come back. It's a very long time ago that he did that!

It's hot here, I am not looking forward to any out door stuff to do. I am doing the oven and floors instead, as that will keep me indoors. I sprayed the oven with some solvent earlier and once my hair is out of the way I'll do it, then I'll do the kitchen floor.

Wow, in Evensville Indiana an F-16 crashed. That just happened now.
I don't like the latest Supreme Court decision on the rights of employees to sue over pay discrimination. I think companies have WAY too damn much power anyway. No one should talk about the power of the government before they look at the power of companies to mess with employees.

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