Friday, March 09, 2007


Hvala Bogu!

The horrific toothache I've had since Tuesday is less. I'm going to take pain medication as a precaution, but I think after last night when it reduced me to blasphemy and rage, and when the pain didn't even respond to a spare Oxycontin I saved from when I had my wisdom teeth removed a while back, along with the two 500 mg Tylenol gel caps, finally around 11 pm the pain was down to a bearable level, and I slept.
I woke up at 3 am needing pills, I got up and took them, they did better than knock the edge of the pain off, much improving my attidude. I was starved hungry but too tired to cook so I turned the lights back off, and slept until about 5:30 am. I took more pills at 6 am as a precaution more than anything else, and went ahead and made breakfast for myself at about 7 am, and ate in a very gingerly way. this was sardines, instant mashed potatoes, onions and a clove of garlic. I feel almost human now. I feel sort of a mild dull ache in my back tooth, but I think it should be alright if I don't push myself too hard. Last day of classes today at Yakima Gulag People's Institute of Higher Re:Education! I get to take my highly expensive science book back for book buyback. I'm sooo tired it isn't even funny, having that kind of toothache isn't a joke.
I have a lot of work around here to do still, but have made decent progress despite the pain I've been in.
Today's selected stories:
Serbian Students Occupy

Russians dissapointed at Bosnian Muslim minister's blocking of refinery sale

Well I think it might have something to do with the ICJ decisi

Serbian minister warns that Milosevic followers could rise up if Kosovo given independence

'Vampire' Milosevic slain, but his legacy still survives

Welcome Home Kyle McLaughlin! Kyle McLaughlin was one of the stars of 'Twin Peaks' and had parts in 'Sex in the City' and other shows. He went to the same school my son and daughter went to, graduating several years ahead of when my son graduated. They had the same drama teacher.
Kyle is performing at the Capitol Theatre tonight, reading Shakespear no less! Way to go for a kid that grew up in the Yakima Gulag!

Wish you peaceful weekend, without pain!!!
jesi li ti katarina koja je tražila medovaču u srbiji pre neku godinu?
Courage, try swilling around with brandy.
@ Owen, Once you take the meds you can't have brandy it's just plain dangerous since both mess with your liver
So I had to make a pick, since vodka or slivo wasn't working, I decided I better let that run out of my system and went to pills which did help to a point.
@ annonymous, da! ja cesto napraviti medovina i jasam htila da znati o medovina i medovaca u Srbija, Hrvatska, Bosna-i-Hercegovina.
You don't need to swallow the brandy, perish the thought you can spit it out, but if you keep it in the mouth it'll help anaesthetise the area. But if you've already tried vodka and slivovic, I don't suppose brandy's going to be much help.
and anyway I don't like to NOT swallow it so there! :)
Yes, that would be just as painful!
By the way, how do you do the rose-flavoured vodka? You've just reminded me that there was a time when I used to flavour vodka with coriander seeds but I haven't done any in a long time. Do you use petals, or whole flowers, or do you just use rosewater?
I have two rose bushes out back, I pluck the buds early in the day, like bunches of them, bring them in and set them in a bowl with a colander
over them,for two hours so that any bugs in them will drown. These roses are organic. The next step is to put them in a big bottle that has a wide mouth, and layer the buds with sugar. It's ok to use roses that aren't buds, but buds give a better taste and have fewer bugs. next you pour the vodka over the layered rose buds and sugar. you can add rose water if you like, I do that if the infused vodka is made with red roses, but not if it's made with white roses. White rose infused vodka tastes especially lovely, but rose water is made with red and pink roses, so never add it to white rose infused vodka or the flavor will be wrong.
Leave it in the lower part of the fridge till the vodka is pink. Then strain out the buds and re-bottle it, then stick it in the freezer. I use a coffee filter to strain it, and it colors the coffee filter in a marvelous way, the filter will have blue at the 'high water mark' then red if you have done red roses.
This is really good for bad colds. I keep it around for that. If you find the flavor overwhelming you can mix it with plain mineral water, or club soda, or put it in cream soda if your tastebuds like more sweetness.
If you infuse the rosebuds in vodka without any sugar added, a peculiar thing happens, you pour it in a glass, it's going to be a little bitter so you add some sugar, then it gets a slight bluish tinge, it's really wierd.
funny thing is that won't happen if you used sugar at the begining.
Don't throw out the used buds right away, let them drain first, some more vodka will be in them, then set them to dry, and they are a nice incense.
p.s. I have heard that in Bulgaria they have rose brandy. A friend of mine went there and failed to bring me any! :( oh well what do you expect of people who work for Dynacorp?
I don't know how it's made, anyone Bulgarian who reads this blog, ( I KNOW some Bulgarians ocasionally read this blog!) is welcome to delurk themselves and tell me how it's made, because I have no idea.
Thanks, that's great. I'm looking forward to giving it a try once life returns to the world - nice blue sky today, so hopefully spring's on its way.
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