Monday, January 22, 2007


Today's news

S&P to monitor Serbia Following Elections

Serbian elections dash modern hopes

Ceku demanded immediate independance

Kosovo Albanians uncertainty disappointment prevail, as they await status decision

Rajastani officer to be honored for book in Kosovo

Don't these people know how lucky they are not to be working in some P.A.L. run subsidiary of Wal*Mart? well maybe they are in a housing facility near to Glod. . .Another thing aren't there enough Romanians who have no work? Why are the bosses importing more people? Train some locals maybe in some of the orphanages, and pay them decently. It's not rocket science!

Chinese Garment Workers in Romania Protest for Higher Wages§ion=theworld&col=

Serbian President calls for quick formation of coalition government

Snow in Arizona

Yes, you are right, there are I am sure plenty Romaninas looking for a job, but Chinese wokers are cheeper!!! This is sad result of globalization!
@seesaw, Here's what I found disgusting, did you read the wages of these workers? They were paying above the local wages, above what would have been paid to Romanians with similar skills. And I mihgt add, far more than the Chinese would be making if they lived in China, and I would lay serious money that their accomadations and working conditions were better than in China, or at least not worse.

I doubt their situation was ideal, but then again I think the Chinese in this case had it better than Romanians would have.
This is more about the local kleptocrats not wanting to do anything for the Romanians, for example, hire them, train them, and pay them an appropriate local wage. They would have been cheaper off that way.

I laughed when I read about the Chinese attacking the factory owner with spoons and forks. That was one of the funniest things I've ever read.

Most Chinese I've known are good people and hard workers, but you wouldn't want to cross them.
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