Sunday, January 21, 2007


Serbian Elections

Today the elections in Serbia took place, with N.A.T.O. troops in Kosovo on high alert and plenty of international buzz.

Putin Rejects Kosovo Solution Under Pressure

The Lighter Side of the Elections

The Darker Side of Tourism

Kosovo Albanians Vote in the Serbian Election

40 Frenchmen on trial over Bulgarian Baby Trade

Aren't a lot of these babies Roma babies? Maybe not all of them, but a LOT of them, at the same time that persecution against Roma persists. It's just wierd.

Please don't take this as an attack or anything. I just want to ask you to please check the sources and the accuracy of news before you post them. This link says 'Kosovo Albanians Vote in the Serbian Election' and is obviously wrong. The other day you posted a piece of news that was more than two months old (Bomb in classroom in Kosovo).

Thank you
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